Confirmation 2018

The highlight of the 10:30 Palm Sunday service was the Affirmation of Baptism given by six youths of our Trinity family. The Class of 2018 is comprised of Alisa Raquel Garcia, Carley Jo Kruppa, Kolby Thomas Beyer, Jace Andrew Kitchens, Lane Michael Rodriquez, and Gavin Gregory Stubbs. Prior to receiving the Rite of Confirmation, each gave their personal faith story and indicated their intent to continue in service to the Lord.

The Confirmands and their families were honored at a breakfast prior to the service. This is an annual event hosted by Trinity’s WELCA ladies. This was well attended and highly enjoyed by everyone.

Lutheran World Relief Gifts

Our Blessings are on Their Way Around the World!
All of our gathering and preparing for Lutheran World Relief was hugely successful again this year! On Wednesday, April 4, we transported our items to TLU in Seguin. From there, they will travel to the national warehouse and then be distributed to the most needy around the world. Our Trinity family contributed 264 quilts, 114 school kits, 3 fabric kits, and 128 pounds of soap! We also provided $400 for shipping beyond TLU! In addition, we gave 26 quilts and 54 school kits to local neighbors after Hurricane Harvey. Our gifts of quilts, kits and soap provide comfort and hope to people displaced by conflict or natural disasters and to those living in extreme illness or poverty. These items are greatly treasured and appreciated. Thank You from around the world for supporting this vital ministry!

New Church Directory!

It is time to update our Church Pictorial Directory. We want to see all your pretty faces in our Trinity Family Portrait. You can make your appointment at church on the sign-up sheets on Sunday in the back of church or during the week in the workroom, or, you can click on this link to make your appointment on-line.

Make My Appointment

Please make sure you sign up as soon as possible. Slots will fill up fast!

Photography dates are May 10-12, 18, 19, 20, 21 of 2018. Please allow 1 hour for your appointment. You will have a professional photography session, see your proofs immediately on computer and have the opportunity to purchase extra portraits for family and friends.
Start practicing that smile and saying “cheese”!



Tacking, Tying, and Stuffing Event!

Tacking and Tying and Stuffing Event

(tacking lap covers, stuffing pillows and tying bookmarks to give to local cancer and kidney dialysis patients, no experience needed)

Students Earn Service Hours

Saturday, January 13, 2018,

9:00 am – 12:00 noon

Trinity Luther Hall,

404 E. Constitution Street

Hosted by Compassionate Servers

and Thrivent Financial


From Conflict to Communion

From Conflict to Communion

Together in Hope

Joint Lutheran – Catholic

Commemoration of Reformation

Trinity Lutheran Church

Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church

October 29, 2013

On this day, we commemorated 500 years that have passed since Martin Luther expressed 95 ideas that he felt would remedy issues within the Catholic Church of his day. Unknowingly, Martin Luther effected a reformation movement that would change the Christian Church for centuries. Fifty years ago, Lutherans and Catholics began a journey from conflict to communion. We have joyfully discovered that we have many more things in common, than we have differences. A mutual trust and understanding has evolved from this journey. Together, we look forward to the future.

The combined worship service began at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church. ELCA Bishop Ray Tiemann and Victoria Diocese Bishop Brendan Cahill joined Pastor Barney Matocha and Father Albert in welcoming the combined congregations. Upon conclusion of the first half of the service, everyone processed one city block to Trinity Lutheran for the remainder of the service. Five Imperatives were read by Lutheran and Catholic families which stated a commitment to grow with each other in communion.

A catered lunch was served immediately following the service in Trinity’s Luther Hall. Live music and fellowship were enjoyed by everyone. Father Albert stated that this communion journey was only the beginning. He said a Joint Service of Carols was being planned by Our Lady of Lourdes for December 20th.

Fabric and Sheets Needed!

Fabric and Sheets Needed for Lutheran World Relief Quilts!

We are proud to send so many beautiful and functional quilts around the world to help people displaced by conflict or natural disasters and to those living with extreme illness or poverty! This year, we shared many quilts with neighbors in Victoria and Rockport who were affected by Hurricane Harvey.  We depend on donated materials for this project and are now in need of fabric for the quilts.  If you have fabric, sheets, tablecloths or curtains that can be donated, they can all be used to make quilts.  Please leave your donations in the church office or the Narthex.  If you have any questions, please call Barbara Zimmerman. Thank you so very much for your ongoing support of this important ministry.

New Ladies Group

Please join the Deborah Circle for projects, fellowship and fun.  We will meet quarterly on a Tuesday at 10:45 in the quilting room (former Boy Scout room).  After a short meeting, we will have lunch at Fossati’s at 11:30. Our next meeting will be Tuesday, November 14.

Our focus will be on Lutheran World Relief quilts and kits and on Compassionate Servers lap throws and pillows. Please call Dawn Foerster or Barbara Zimmerman for more information. We hope to see you!