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Lutheran World Relief and Compassionate Server Sewers Have Moved 

We are proud to celebrate the growth of these ministries! In order to fully accommodate our participants, we have moved. The Boy Scouts relocated to the Sunday School room across the hall from the current Boy Scout room. The previous Boy Scout room has become the new sewing room, to replace the space over the kitchen in Luther Hall.

This will help us by:

  • Offering a space that is handicapped accessible. The stairs have been a problem for many and have prevented some people from being able to participate in these ministries. We hope that all will now feel comfortable in the new space and will join us there.
  • Saving on air conditioning. We will not have to cool Luther Hall for sewing! Besides our Tuesday sewing days, our Compassionate Servers have sewn at other times. Our LWR sewers also work during various times as they are able. It is too expensive to cool Luther Hall and too hot to work without cooling.
  • Allow us more work space. Thankfully, we often have enough people to need additional tables for cutting, tacking, and laying out. This space is larger and will allow continued growth and comfortable work space.


 We owe a debt of gratitude to Ronnie Stanford and the Boy Scouts for graciously agreeing to this arrangement. Thanks also go out to the Sunday School leaders for sharing their space in support of scouts and sewing. It is very encouraging to see people and groups working together and sharing resources.

Please take an elevator ride to visit or sew with us. We welcome everyone to join us and are making many new friends from the community in addition to our own church family members. We continue to pray for energy and interest to serve in these vital ministries and hope that you will name us in your prayers as well.

Blessings, Barbara Zimmerman

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